Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elizabeth Rogers

What's your band name? Party Photographers. What's your name? Elizabeth Rogers. Do you like Darby Crash? No. I don't know it. The Germs. Yes. You remind me of the Germs. I like the Germs. What's it feel like playing here? The Ox is my favorite place to play and I'll tell you why. My friend Dan lives here. We played our first show here and we've actually evolved to having a decent crowd. And now you're back? Yea! This is our first show here since the first time we played at Ox. We played here before they had a stage. This is an amazing spot now. Dan Hughes always sets things up and hooks us up. He's a good guy. When I came in here I felt like I was at Warhol's Factory seeing the Velvet Underground. Does that mean anything to you? Of course it does. Do you know what I mean? Sure. Do you think about that when you're playing? No, actually. When you're in a band, you don't think about things like that. You play and you can give a shit. What's that effect on your voice? I was telling my friend, 'these guys are so avant garde, they're lip syncing.' That was probably the worse show for my vocals. I don't normally sing like that. The drunker I get the crazier I get. You got a great scream. It's so uninhibited. If you see me at a show where I don't get drunk, it's minimalist and suppressed. You need to let the demons out. Exactly. Dionysus. That's what happened tonight. I just got wacked. That's the formula. It sounds so horrible but..Whatever works. It worked for Darby Crash. It works for you. Ehn..

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