Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Björn Türoque

You just emceed this air guitar event [at Johnny Brenda's]. Do you MC other events? I do. I am the Master of Airemonies for the US Air Guitar Championships and also for the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland. How did you get into that? I first entered in 2003 and I came in second place. I entered again and I came in second place. I basically made a career out of being the second place guy. Then I wrote a book about all of it. It's called, To Air is Human. Why couldn't you win? Well I finally won in 2005 in New York. But then in the nationals I came in second again. I just feel like I was kind of born to be a part of the scene, but not to win...which is, in a way, kind of cooler. What's more satisfying, performing or emceeing? Emceeing is definitely more satisfying, which is also a performance. It is a performance.

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