Sunday, March 21, 2010

Regina Mandell

What's up with the Mountain Man look? It's prevalent. I was a fan before it was so widely worn...I think it's a default look. Why? Because it equates to letting yourself go. You can let your beard grow. You don't have to wash your hair or comb it or cut it. You can just throw a flannel and a t-shirt on. It works well in the winter. It has some sort of nostalgia to it. You think people are tired of the upkeep. They just want to relax and feel comfortable, but have a certain look at the same time? Yeah, I'd agree with that. You think it has anything to do with grunge? I think a little bit. I think it relates back to the 70s, and I think it relates back to Paul Bunyan. His manliness is appealing? Yeah, like maybe some women wonder, 'Where's his axe?' Has this look sold well at Grasshopper? It has...though, I'm not sure it still is. I think it's time to look for something new, something a little more polished. So what now? More put together, a cared-for look--I don't mean metrosexual--manly in a retro way, kind of referencing that 'madman' thing. A guy in a nice suit. His shirt is clean. But he's got a wild side to him? Don't most men?

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