Monday, March 8, 2010

Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret

You were asked to be a part of ["Medium Resistance - Revolutionary Tendencies in Print and Craft" at Crane Arts]. Why are you in the show? I don't know. I think it's because of my blog, and I posted many things about this piece. And it's always growing. So I think they are interested in the concept of the little--they told me it's called, 'Magic Cube'--but in French we say, coincoin. Coincoin? How does that translate literally? I don't know. I think it's 'magic box.' They typically have words in them and you ask it a question. But you don't have words in yours. No. Just lines. Why did you take out the words and use lines? Because I want to use this piece to construct and structure. It's more like [bold play], and noting that information. And what I'm interested in with this piece is that when you're near the piece you see bazaar materiality, and when you are far, you don't understand what it is. It's about perception for you, and changing perception? Yeah, exactly. But you also see it as something that's growing. I want to do bigger, bigger. I hope I could make that kind of piece everywhere, but... What would be the ultimate for you, to cover the entire planet? A museum would be cool. The planet? I don't know. It's like a growth. Do you see this project as constructive or subversive? That's a good question. I just want to work and work. The meaning of my life is to do things and to work. This kind of piece gives me a way to work all the time on one thing. I'm interested in that kind of work, on progress, on all the possibilities of one thing. For me there is a unity with that--I can do a mountain. I can do a river. I can do a wall--with one little piece. You're interested in the process, and the feeling you achieve from being productive. I think it's important to think about work, people who work a lot, in a restaurant, in a shop. They do things repetitively. And I think about how artists do this repetitive action too. So I'm doing this in an extreme way, repeating and repeating and repeating.

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